Imagine This

You are the only UFO sent to destroy earth and with your laser guns you have to destroy the devoted and endless numbers of human defenses that are trying to prevent you from destroying humanity. Control the UFO as it takes on this endless army of helicopters, jets, and flying fortresses.

In this classic 2D scroller game adapted to the iPhone platform you tilt and tap your way to extraordinary fun times as you dodge bullets and blow up enemies. Get high scores and compete against your friends.

Enjoy endless game play that will make you want to pick up this game again and again. And you’re going to love the music…

A ROCKING Soundtrack

International recording artist, Michael Robert Snow, produced brand new tracks just for this game.  Michael has been professionally recording music, movie soundtracks and game music for some international mega hits.  Now he brings this expertise to the small screen in UFO Invader.

made for ipad

iPad version Available NOW!

If you have an iPad, then you can play the iPad version with FULL HD graphics. It looks STUNNING on the large screen. This isn’t some “scaled up” port either. We’ve re-rendered everything in HD detail to look amazing on your new iPad. It’s definitely the game to show off your device!